📣This Thursday 20th Feb in dCUBIC Design & Space


First meetup for DeFi Bangkok group

Come to meet your blockchain community


-Event Agenda-

18:45 – Doors opening

19:10 – Welcoming words and announcements by an organizer

19:20 – Kicking off DeFi community in Thailand, ice breaking

19.30 – The Token Behind DeFi MakerDAO’s Dai Stablecoin by
– Clayton Roche, he is the Ambassador for MakerDAO to Thailand also the Head of Decentralized Finance with Mosendo, where they are making digital cash a reality.

19.50 – A Decentralized Oracle for DeFi by
– Soravis Srinawakoon is the cofounder and CEO of Band Protocol, a permissionless blockchain protocol for decentralized data curation. The company has raised over $3 million in a seed round led by Sequoia, Dunamu & Partner and SeaX.

20.10 – Panel of the current DeFi landscape and future potential
– Clayton Roche (MakerDAO – A lending protocol & stablecoin)
– Soravis Srinawakoon (Band Protocol – A decentralized oracle network)
– Nattapon Nimakul (Kulap – A DEX aggregator)
– Unnawut Leepaisalsuwanna (OmiseGo – A layer-2 scaling solution)

20.30 – Networking

We are expected to have two sessions per meetup per month on DeFi, if you are looking for opportunities to talk feel free to contact us. (No need to be an expert! we’re focus on the diversity)

👉How to go dCUBIC Design & Space (PS Tower,33F)

👉More event info

DeFi Bangkok #1 : Foundations of Decentralized Finance

Thursday, Feb 20, 2020, 7:00 PM

dCubic Co-working Office Space
Wattana, TH

47 DeFi Citizens Attending

Thank you for your patience, we’re announced the first meetup for DeFi Bangkok group. Please come and see us and let’s debate over the hottest topic from the blockchain space. << ภาษาไทยอยู่ด้านล่าง >> 2020 could be the greatest year for the blockchain community as we are entering the mass adoption stage, to keep pushing the envelope we’re calling …

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