Stop selling to your customers!!

Stop selling to your customers!!

📣Stop selling to your customers❗️


Schedult (Social Media Management ) x dCUBIC SPACE


-17th December, 19:00-21:30pm, PS tower Asoke, 33F-





Too many businesses are using social media wrong nowadays. All they care about are conversions!

✔️But what if there was a way to use all these free online tools to build a relationship with the customer. Build trust, share new industry insights, and win their business by being the most helpful organization out there?

✔️What if we thought about social media completely differently, and instead, focused on giving information away for free instead of trying to sell it.

✔️What if we simply gave our target audience more?


▶️Jordyn Moder


is the operations manager of the up-and-coming Bangkok startup, Schedult, where he focuses on helping business develop a relationship with their followers through daily value-added pieces of content.

In this presentation, he’s prepared to share exactly why his company’s methods work better in the long-term, compared to traditional aims of increasing short-term traffic and conversions.


19:00-19:15 Networking Reception

19:15-20:45 Stop selling to your customers presented by Jordyn Moder

20:45-20:55 Q&A

Networking until 21:30

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dCUBIC Space is the home for expats in bkk.

Make yourself at home and Welcome to bring your own drinks(we have refrigerator)

We’ll also prepare some beers or soft drinks (50B)

Lets enjoy the night of Learning •Networking •Fun

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